Round 2 IXCR 2024
201 St John Road, Martinsville Indiana
Fuel Ministry, Strider and Stacyc bike races 5pm Saturday, Meal and a Message
Come join in with Hudson Taylor.
Need parts brought to the track be sure to contact “Trackside Powersports,” if available they have you covered.
Concessions: Welcome back
Chef-Boy-Har-V, Home Town Scoops, Double A sweat Cups and Bob’s Burgers.
“NO SxS this event..”
LEE FARMS:  Praying for Sunshine and dry warm weather!
Weekend Schedule:
Saturday 04/20/2024
*7 am, Registration opens
*8 am, Micro ATV. “.5hr race”
*9:00 am, Intermediate ATV. “.5hr race”
*10:00 am, Youth ATV. “1.0hr race”
*11:30 am, AM ATV race starts. “1.5hr race”
*2:00 pm, PM ATV race starts. “2hr race”
*5:00 pm, Strider & Stacyc bikes @ Fuel Ministry ***FREE***
*6:30 pm, Meal & a Message (featuring Hudson Taylor”)
“Fuel Ministry”
Sunday 04/21/2024
*7 am, Registrations opens
*8 am, Micro Bike race starts. “.5hr race”
*9:00am Intermediate Bike. “.5hr race”
*10:00am, Youth Bike. “1.0hr race”
*11:30 am, AM Bike race starts. “1.5hr race”
* 2:00 pm, PM Bike race starts. “2hr race”